Thursday, 12 August 2010

Day Four - Finishing our models and designing our school

The day began with finishing off our sculptures from yesterday, most of us only had to paint them and finalise a few bits, we also wrote a little about our creations to display alongside our artwork to explain it.

Next we thought about todays challenge, to re-design the school, we began with a tour around to see some areas we could tackle and came up with suggestions as we walked and ideas for once we formed groups.
We then concentrated on these areas and came up with ideas of what they should encompass, look like and contain in an ideal, but realistic world.

Then it was time to draw, paint and collage our ideas, each group approached this in completely different way, from sketches to full paintings, to annotated drawings.

We will still need a bit of time to finish these off, the plan for tomorrow as well as completing some of the other bits that need a few tweaks. Then we will need to prepare for the exhibition, check back then...

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