Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Day Two - Exploring our journeys through print

We began the day by revisiting our journey journals, recording some bits about our journey this morning and home last night. The biggest difference for most people was that it was raining today and was bright sunshine yesterday. We added a few pages and then moved on to todays project.

Shame it was raining as we wanted to go outside and do some rubbings of different textures that we may encounter on our journeys, such as bricks, tarmac, grids etc, despite this we headed for the undercover areas and tried our best, everyone managed a fair few. These were to form the basis of our first print blocks.

We were going to make two print blocks today, one collograph (junk textures), the other using press print with the idea being that later in the day we will overprint these building up layers.
We started to make the junk print block first so it had a chance to dry.

When it came to the press print we started with a trial print so everyone could see how it works, this could be any design.

Then came printing our blocks, there were some really great well thought out designs based on the rubbings we had just made

Some of the many prints we made today

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